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DUI, OWI, OWPD, IMPAIRED, POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, POSSESSION OF NARCOTICS, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, LARCENY, DRUNK & DISORDERLY LEVITT LAW FIRM, MOUNT PLEASANT MICHIGAN 989-772-6000 For more than 25 years attorney Todd L. Levitt & Associates have represented individuals charged with various misdemeanors and felonies at the casino/hotel or while leaving [...]

CMU Counseling Services, Todd Levitt, Central Michigan Lawyer

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Counseling Services for Students   Levitt Law Firm:   Central Michigan University offers a variety of services for its students. One of the many services that CMU offers is the counseling center. CMU's Counseling Center provides a variety of free services for currently enrolled CMU students. The services are intended to [...]

TODD LEVITT, Resources for Domestic Violence Victims, CMU Student Lawyer

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he statistics that surround domestic violence are jaw-dropping: within the U.S., one in every four women experience some type of physical violence from an relationship partner at some point in their lifetimes.

TODD LEVITT, Diversion/Deferral Programs in the State of Michigan,

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Diversion/Deferral Programs in the State of Michigan:  What is a diversion or a deferral program?  The Michigan Legislature recognizes that people make mistakes. Thus, under certain statutes the State of Michigan offers "deferral" or "diversion" programs that allow offenders to walk away with a "clean" slate. The term clean [...]