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Drinking and Driving

Drinking and Driving

Attorney Todd L. Levitt is a premier drunk driving/DUI/OWI/OWPD lawyer in Central, Northern & Upper Peninsula, Michigan. Levitt has more than 24 years of experience handling drunk driving cases. If you’ve been arrested for an alcohol or drug offense involving a moving vehicle contact the Levitt Law firm for representation.

Student Representation

Student Representation

CMU ALUMNIS, Todd L. Levitt has been representing CMU Students for more than 27 years. Todd Levitt graduated from CMU in “88.” and is a former adjunct professor at CMU in The College of Business. Levitt was also an Academic Advisor to a number of student organizations including the Delta Chi Fraternity.

License Restoration

License Restoration

Todd L. Levitt is considered one of the top lawyers in Michigan for Drivers License Restoration both instate driving privileges and out of state driving rights. Levitt Law Firm, has restored over a thousand drivers back to freedom. If you or someone you know needs a license, contact our office today.

Ignition Interlock Devices

Ignition Interlock Devices

Thousands of Michigan drivers are now operating motor vehicles legally with ignition interlock devices installed in their motor vehicles. As with any machine or computer these devices present challenging issues to its users. Some of the issues can be related directly to the device itself while others are the direct fault of the user.

Central and Northern Michigan Lawyer

Central and Northern Michigan Lawyer

Levitt Law Firm is a criminal defense firm, providing legal representation for more than two decades throughout Central, Northern & the Upper Peninsula regions of Michigan. Levitt Law Firm works as a team, tirelessly to ensure the best possible result given all of the competing interests. Attorney Todd L. Levitt, has a reputation of relentless pursuit of justice on behalf of his clients.

Levitt is a Michigan native. Check out the popular radio show/podcast, “The Todd L. Levitt Law Show, broadcasting Sunday mornings from 8-9AM, 98.5 WUPS, Houghton Lake, Rock 105/95.5 Traverse City, Petoskey Cheboygan.

Todd Levitt on Steve Lehto Live - MyMiTV.com

Todd Levitt on Steve Lehto Live


The Dangers of Non-Compliance

The Dangers of Non-Compliance

For our fifth episode of CannaBiz With Canna-Chris, we talk with practicing attorney Todd Levitt. He provides us with examples of real life non-compliance cases and how businesses can avoid them. Cannabis is one of the most highly regulated industries in the U.S. and having information and resources about compliance is crucial to navigating these pitfalls.

The Dangers of Non-Compliance

Cannabis Attorney Todd Levitt On How To Avoid A Cannabis DUI

The Dude & Scotty Real here with Todd Levitt, a cannabis criminal defense lawyer in Michigan who also has his own podcast, The Marijuana Law Podcast, and radio show and is an avid advocate for the legalization of cannabis in a responsible way. Today he’s here to talk about the law around ‘Stop and ID,’ and how you can avoid a cannabis DUI and how the best defense is for you to have your medical card if it’s possible in your state or country.

Satisfied Clients of Levitt Law Firm

  • I called about and issue in Texas. Even though Todd couldn't help me on my case, he gave me great help on what kind of lawyer I needed. Thank you for the help Todd levitt

    Teja m. Avatar
    Teja m.

    Todd and his staff worked with me with understanding and professionalism that went above and beyond any expectations I had. Very caring and patient group of people!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. God bless these people

    Mark G. Avatar
    Mark G.

    Todd has helped me get my drivers license restored & I highly recommend him. Him & his staff were very friendly & helpful every step of the way. Hands down the best guy around

    Tommy R. Avatar
    Tommy R.
  • Todd has helped me get my drivers license restored & I highly recommend him. Him & his staff were very friendly & helpful every step of the way. Hands down the best guy around

    TOMMY R. Avatar
    TOMMY R.

    Couldn't be happier with the help I received with Todd Levitt and his law firm. They were easy to work with and I recommend them highly.

    Danny A. Avatar
    Danny A.

    Best attorney out there! Does everything in his power to make sure everything turns out better than expected, definitely recommend him.

    Kimberly P. Avatar
    Kimberly P.
  • Todd and his staff do amazing job. If you need to have your driving privilege restored this is the man. I'm not only a advocate I'm also a client too. Thanks Todd.

    Pat S. Avatar
    Pat S.

    Todd is the best of the best! I wouldn’t use any other lawyer, especially for driving related issues. He’s passionate, firm, accessible, knowledgeable, and extremely professional.

    Felicia M. Avatar
    Felicia M.

    I highly recommend Todd. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and he is truly passionate about his work. Todd and his staff are the best!

    Mike A. Avatar
    Mike A.
  • Todd and his staff are fantastic to work with. Made what seemed like an impossible drivers license reinstatement feel so easy.

    Christopher H. Avatar
    Christopher H.

    AA meetings were not a great fit for me, Todd didn't view this as a problem. He walked me through every step of way and after 13 years I have my license back. Thanks Todd

    Wayne A. Avatar
    Wayne A.

    Not only an awesome attorney that worked wonders for me in my case but just an all around great guy!

    Steve P. Avatar
    Steve P.
  • Todd Levitt was incredible! Best lawyer I've ever had by far! I would highly recommend him to anyone trying to get they're driver's license back!

    Brandon O. Avatar
    Brandon O.

    Really nice when a attorney tells ya he'll call back and does . Talk about experience well spoken michagander he's the one in your corner thanks for the podcast and info you share.

    cmegrow74 Avatar

    I highly recommend Todd. He is very personable and makes you feel like family. He cares about his clients and getting them the best outcome.

    Melissa U. Avatar
    Melissa U.
  • This firm is awesome,i have 9 alcohol related convictions and got a restricted first try.definetly worth it to hire this firm

    Terry B. Avatar
    Terry B.

    Todd does an amazing job. He takes time with his clients and knows his stuff. I would go with him again for sure! Simply the best!

    Chris M. Avatar
    Chris M.

    This was the first time I dealt with a lawyer that I actually liked. Todd and his staff are all top notch. Thank you all for your hard work on my case..

    Justin B. Avatar
    Justin B.
  • Extremely happy with the level of care Todd provided for me . I was dropped to a lesser charge with no jail time which was exactly what I needed !

    Courtney M. Avatar
    Courtney M.

    Todd goes above and beyond for his clients. His experience in court-houses all throughout the State of Michigan is unparalleled. Todd also carefully preps his clients so they know exactly what to expect in court.

    Real C. Avatar
    Real C.

    Todd is the "go-to" guy for any of my legal questions. He has been my primary lawyer for the last 10 years. He has been able to solve any of my legal issues quickly and effectively.

    Keith H. Avatar
    Keith H.

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