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Central Michigan Immigration Lawyer, CMU Student Lawyer Todd Levitt expands Law Practice to include Immigration

2012-11-22T17:41:21+00:00November 22nd, 2012|Uncategorized|

Central Michigan Student's favorite Lawyer Todd L. Levitt has now added another legal discipline to assist international students with any and all Immigration issues:  Green Cards, Work Permits, Student Visa, F Student Visa, F-1 International Student Employment, Adjustment of Status, Naturalization and Citizenship, Employer Assistance just to name a few. [...]

TODD LEVITT, Central Michigan Lawyer, opens satellite law office close to Central Michigan University’s campus, News

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With bright blue walls, glass table tops, a Skype-enabled flat screen television and an art deco theme, Attorney Todd Levitt’s new office doesn’t scream “law services.” However, Levitt’s new satellite office, located at 221 E. Bellows St. aims to give students in trouble a laid-back place to seek free [...]

Michigan Sobriety Court, Drivers License Restoration, TODD LEVITT, Lawyer, Central Michigan Student Lawyer, Gino Aquinio, Law Clerk

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   Central Michigan Lawyer, Todd L. Levitt has been helping to restore driving privleges for more than 18 years. Todd Levitt is known throughout the legal community as the go to lawyer when dealing with any issue relating to frestoring privleges Sobriety Court The Sobriety Court legislation is a [...]