Central Michigan Student’s favorite Lawyer Todd L. Levitt has now added another legal discipline to assist international students with any and all Immigration issues:  Green Cards, Work Permits, Student Visa, F Student Visa, F-1 International Student Employment, Adjustment of Status, Naturalization and Citizenship, Employer Assistance just to name a few.

Alien students may be granted F or M visas to study in the United States. This allows them to remain in the U.S. until completion of their studies.

Alien students are allowed to perform practical training, both prior to and after graduation. An individual may hold up to one year of Curricular Practical Training during school, and one year of Optional Practical Training after graduation. Typically, the employment must be related to the students’ studies. The INS also requires that the students must have been in an F-1 student status for nine months prior to application.

Central Michigan Student Lawyer Todd Levitt has represented Students and International Students for moore than 18 years

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