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TODD LEVITT, New Law helps keep points off Michigan Driving Record, Mount Pleasant Michigan, Lawyer, CMU Student Lawyer, September 30th 2011, News

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NEW STATE LAW HELPS KEEP POINTS OFF DRIVING RECORD A new state program that allows some Michigan drivers to avoid points for minor traffic violations by taking an online Basic Driver Improvement Course is up and running, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson announced today. Under a state law that [...]

Medical Marijuana, Judge rules Act does not protect dispensaries, Todd Levitt, Mount Pleasant Michigan Lawyer, September 19th 2011, NEWS

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Judge rules marijuana act does not protect dispensaries An Oakland County judge has said that Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act does not provide protection from prosecution of medical marijuana dispensaries. In a written opinion issued last week, Oakland Circuit Judge Colleen O’Brien granted a motion from prosecutors to preclude defendant [...]

TODD LEVITT, Statements Made During Home Encounters, Pat-Down Searches, CMU Student Lawyer, Mount Pleasant Michigan, Lawyer, September 14th, 2011, NEWS

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WHAT ARE THE LAWS governing the admissibility of statements made when a defendant encounters the police at his or her own home?ANSWER: The general rules governing the admission of a statement when you encounter a police officer at your home are the same as those that apply to the [...]

Tips for sharing the road with Motorcycles, Todd Levitt, Mount Pleasant Michigan Lawyer, Central Michigan Lawyer, Daily Legal, September 4th 2011

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SHARING THE ROAD WITH MOTORCYCLES I have family members who often travel our great highways and roads enjoying what only riders understand. All too often you read that yet another rider is killed in an accident. Motorcycles have every right to be on the same roads as trucks and [...]