HYTA, is a deferral statue that has specific age restrictions, yet is not allowed for a number of offenses, including all offenses for which the penalty is life, all traffic offenses, and most criminal sexual conduct offenses. To receive consideration under HYTA a defendant must have committed the crime charged between the ages of 17 and 21.

If, you are 21 years of age at the time the crime was committed you will not be eligible to apply for HYTA.

If, you are 23 years of age at the time you are brought to court you may be eligible to apply for HYTA consideration, if at the time the crime was committed you were 17 years, and under 21 years.

HYTA, does not prevent a Judge from sending you to jail.


Answer: Once you enter a plea of guilty under HYTA, there will be no public record of the conviction. The court will maintain a record, yet the general public will not have access to the information.

Important: If you do not satisfy the terms and conditions of probation, you could be violated at which time HYTA could be revoked thus convictions entered onto your criminal history.

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