Levitt Law Firm:


Each and every year we receive numerous requests to support certain causes, projects, and/or events. We at Levitt Law Firm are very selective in the causes we chose to support because we have to ensure that the causes align with our core principles and values.

Today we have two amazing individuals that are both trying to do something great, and could use all the support they can get:


Derick Steinard is a graduating senior from Central Michigan University, and he will traveling for six weeks to help provide opportunities for those with disabilities. Derick will be traveling to camps to help construct accessible amenities that every camper deserves to have (nature hikes, rock climbing, swimming, fishing, etc). Derick is committed to raising $4,000 dollars for the Ability Experience to help him with this amazing event. For more information regarding the event, or to donate visit http://derickbam.com/

Great job Derick and keep up the great work! Fire up chips!


Terri Schiedewitz Taylor is a missionary that currently resides in North Carolina. Terri has a dream of adopting a child she met on a mission trip in Jamaica; his name is Jermi. While on the mission trip Terri developed a bond with Jermi, and his mother. Due to abuse from his older sister, and other circumstances, Terri wants to bring Jermi to America, and be his guardian. This process will be difficult, expensive, and lengthy. Jermi’s mom knows that he has a better life ahead of him once we help get him to the United States. For more information on how to save Jermi, visit http://www.gofundme.com/bringjeremyhomenc

We wish Terri the best of luck, and we hope to see Jermi in the United States one day!