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Looking to start a business? 


Launching a new business is both exciting and challenging. Statistics show that an overwhelming percent of new businesses fail each year. There are certain steps you can take to give yourself the best chance to succeed. Below are just a few of those steps. Ultimately you will want to consult with an Attorney.

1.  What qualifications do I have to enter into this type of business?

2. Business plan

3. Will I have enough capital to launch and then maintain my costs for a year?

4. Have you thought of a name for the business?

5. Have you created a logo or symbol for the business?

6. Have you checked online to see if name is available.

7. If you have a name, logo or symbol are you infringing on anyone’s trademark rights?

8. Have you decided on a location for your new business?

9. Have you decided on what type of Corporation you will operate under?

10. Will you have partners?

11. Have you thought about an operating agreement?

12. Are you aware of all of state and federal taxes that must be paid including unemployment?

The best advice one can take is to consult with a Lawyer who handles Corporate Business transactions.

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