Are you someone who has an idea? someone who has always wanted to venture out on his own? Do you have an idea for a business


 Make no mistake, starting your own business can be tough. Although for the right person the rewards outweigh the risks. Starting your own business allows for the following: Greater Financial Success; Flexibility; Independence; Challenges; Survival and Personal Accomplishment.

Do you possess any of the following Entrepreneurial Characteristics?

1) Vision 2) Self-Reliance 3) Confidence 4) Energy 5) Tolerance of Uncertainty 6) The ability to accept failure

Starting a business is like raising a child. You must attend to its every need.  It will be difficult and painful at times, but if you are diligent and dedicated, and get the right advice for the challenging stages, you may end up with an entity of which you will be immensely proud.

The key to a successful business is planning and surrounding yourself with a team that possesses skills and abilities that you don’t excel in.  Capitalize on your strengths and offset your weaknesses with the right staff and consultants.

Here are some questions you need to answer?

A)   Do I have enough money to launch and run the business?

B)   What type of Corporation shall I set up ?

C)   Do I need partners?

D)   How do I find someone who can design my idea without stealing it from me?

E)   How do I pay taxes on the business both state and federal?

F)   How do I find and negotiate commercial space?

G)   How do I set up all the social media sites for the business?

H)   How do I set up branding for the business?

I)     Do I need to trademark my product or service?

J)    Do I need to file for a patent?

K)    How do I set up a website?

L)     How do I handle credit cards and online transactions?

M)    Do I need to hire a corporate attorney?

N)     What is an operating agreement?

O)     How do I hire employees? How do set up payroll for myself and employees?

P)     Do I need worker compensation insurance? Liability Insurance? Renters Insurance?

Q)     Should/How do I purchase and negotiate a land contract?

R)     What type of computers and fixtures do I buy for the business?

S)      Do I need computer networking?

If you find yourself struggling with the above questions, you need to hire a law firm that specializes in organizing, managing and representing small, medium and large businesses.

Levitt Law Firm employs attorneys who themselves have started and managed  businesses of various sizes. This means that they have first hand knowledge of exactly what creating a thriving business requires as well as the legal knowledge to make sure that it’s done correctly.  Levitt Law Firm has, for more than 20 years, represented business clients in everything from, consulting, organizing, managing, defending and guiding client to success.

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