The country is witnessing a rapid growth in the cannabis industry. In recent years’ opinions towards cannabis have undergone a metamorphoses where states have passed legislation allowing for both medical and recreational use. For over two decades Michigan attorney’s, Todd L. Levitt, and Robert J. Piziali have specialized in cannabis and cannabis related cases. Now, Levitt and Piziali are providing those eager to enter the ever-growing cannabis industry with the legal expertise needed to germinate a successful and lucrative business.

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Seminar topics include, but are not limited to:

  • All Required Compliance Documents and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Articles of Incorporation Set-Up
  • Assistance with Banking, Accounting and Financial Transactions
  • Brand Creation, Identity and Management
  • Business Corporation Entity
  • Business and Operations Consulting
  • Business Development and Planning
  • Compliance with State Law
  • Compliance with Local Municipal Zoning and Ordinances
  • Corporate Operating Agreements
  • Cultivation Quality Control and Testing
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Internal Management and Employment Agreements
  • Legal Representation
  • Marketing, Branding and Search Engine Optimization
  • Michigan Department of Health Registration
  • Obtaining a Federal Tax Employment Number
  • Obtaining a Marijuana Business License in Compliance with Marijuana Laws
  • Security Planning in Compliance with Marijuana Law
  • Training Programs for Employees
  • Transportation Logistics and Distribution Services
  • Website Servicing