Mount Pleasant Michigan Lawyer, CMU Student Lawyer, TODD LEVITT, has been nominated once again by CM-Life to compete as one of Central Michigan Universities top Student Lawyer’s. Todd Levitt, over the past four years has been voted in the top 3 by Central Michigan University Students. Todd Levitt, an alumni of Central Michigan University, understands the pressures and temptations students face when being away from home for the first time. Todd Levitt, practiced criminal defense in Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Washtenaw and Livingston counties for 12 years before moving to Mount Pleasant. Michigan. Having been raised in Metro Detroit, Todd Levitt understands the shock parents face when their child is 2 hours from home and charged with a crime. Todd Levitt, will take his time and educate both students and parents regarding their charges and the likely outcome. Todd Levitt can be reached at 989-772-6000