Each member of the Central Michigan community assumes an obligation regarding self-conduct to act in a manner consistent with a respect for the rights of others and with the University’s function as an educational institution. As a guide for individuals and groups, the University put together general principles of conduct. These principles serve as the basis for regulations concerning student conduct. The Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Disciplinary Procedures is the document which contains all this information and can be found all over campus and online.

The most common violations students find themselves in are alcohol violations in the dorm followed by marijuana smoked in dorm rooms. 3.2 Specific Regulations Concerning Student Conduct specifically identify both.

3.2.12 Controlled Substance. A student shall not possess, use, manufacture, produce, or distribute, or aid in the use, manufacture, production or distribuation of, any controlled substance.

3.2.13 Violation of Alcohol Policy. A student shall not possess, consume of furnish, or aid in the consumption or furnishing of, alcoholic beverages.

What happens to the student found in the violation of the above policies?

Section 4. Official University Sanctions include but not limited to the following:

Reprimand, University Community Service, Restitution, Fines, Removal from University Housing, Educational Programs, Suspension, and Dismissal.

Alcohol Violation

A first time Alcohol Violation is a fine of $150.00, letter is sent home to parents.

A second Alcohol Violation is $300.00 fine with another letter sent to parents, and the student is placed on disciplinary probation until graduation. A student could be refused a job on campus, denied executive board postion in Registration Student Organization.

A third violation is a $300 fine, student would have to meet with Student Rights and Responsibilites office and could face a term of suspension.

Controlled Substance Violation

A first time Marijuana Violation will result in a $200.00 fine, letter sent home to parents.

A second time caught with Marijuana will cost the student $300.00. Student will have to meet with someone from the Rights and Responsibility Department and could be suspended.