MCL 436.1703(3) authorizes a court, without entering a judgment of guilt or a determination in a juvenile delinquency proceeding, and with the consent of the defendant, to defer sentencing and place the defendant on probation when the defendant has not previously been convicted of or received a juvenile adjudication for being a minor who purchased or attempted to purchase alcoholic liquor, consumed or attempted to consume alcoholic liquor, possessed or attempted to possess alcoholic liquor, or had any bodily alcohol content.

After fulfillment of the terms and conditions of probation, the court will discharge the defendant and dismiss the proceedings. Discharge and dismissal are made without an adjudication of guilt or without a determination in a juvenile delinquency proceeding that the individual has committed the offense. This is also not a conviction or juvenile adjudication for purposes of this statue or for purposes of other disqualifications or disabilities imposed by law on conviction of a crime.

The court will maintain a nonpublic record of the matter while the proceedings are deferred and the person is on probation. If the individual violates the term of probation which varies from jurisdiction, the deferral will be lost and a conviction will be entered. If a conviction is entered, the state of Michigan is notified and the MIP will be placed on the persons driving record never to be removed.

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