Based on your Michigan driving record, you might be eligible to participate in Michigan’s Basic Driver Improvement Course ( BDIC) program.

The Basic program works like this: Drivers who receive minor violations may take the course for a fee not to exceed $100. If they successfully complete the course, any points stemming from that violation are not place on their record. In addition, the violation and points (if any) will not be disclosed to your insurance company.

The course, for your convenience, may be taken online or in a classroom setting. If you do not complete, or elect to take the course, the violation will be added to your driving record and made available to insurance companies..

You should also know:

*    If you choose to take the Basic Driver Improvement Course, you must select one of the approved providers found online

*   You may avoid having a violation disclosed to insurance companies under this program only once.

*   There are no appeal rights for failing the course or missing the deadline above.

*   Course providers establish their own course fees, but may not charge more than $100

*   Instruction may be available in a classroom, online or both.

*   You are still responsible for any costs and fines.

*   The violation may still be viewed by courts, law enforcement and other government agencies and used as required by law, regardless of you participation.

For your convenience the state has done a nice job of providing all answers to your questions and information online at the site listed above.

You can also purchase a copy of your driving record at any Secretary of State office or visit for more options.

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