Michigan Restricted Driver License

A frequently asked question that comes up when dealing with a restricted license is, “Where am I allowed to drive?” A person with a Michigan Restricted Driver’s license is allowed to drive in the course of their employment and to and from any combination of the following:

  1. The person’s residence
  2. The person’s work location
  3. An alcohol or drug education/treatment program as ordered by the court
  4. The court probation department
  5. A court ordered community service program
  6. An educational institution at which the person is enrolled as a student
  7. A place of regularly occurring medical treatment for a serious condition for the person or a member of the person’s household or immediate family


According to the Secretary of State, “a person with a restricted license must carry proof of his or her destination and the hours of any employment, class, or other reason for traveling, and must display that proof upon a peace officer’s request.” Anyone using a restricted license for work purposes must have a letter from the employer stating hours and places visited. A college student should carry their class registration papers with them. A probation order will satisfy proof for probation, community service, or court-ordered drug treatment. Medical purposes can be proven with the contact of their medical professional.

What if I receive multiple Citations?

During an arrest, an individual may receive multiple drunken driving citations, only points for the highest infraction will be entered. For example, if an individual refuses to take a breath test (6 points), and was driving on a suspended license (2 points), while receiving a citation for operating while intoxicated (6 points), they will still only receive 6 points in total. The Secretary of State will reexamine an individual’s driving record once they reach 12 points, at this point in time the Secretary of State may revoke, suspend, restrict, or impose other terms to that individual’s driver’s license.

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