Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Lawyer, Todd Levitt is viewed by his peers as one of the top Attorneys in Michigan in the area of Drivers’ License Restoration. MCL 257.303(2) provides that at the time of a persons last arrest (2) Upon receiving the appropriate records of convictions, the Secretary of State shall revoke the operator’s or chauffeur’s license of a person having any of the following, whether under a law of this state, a local ordinance substantially corresponding to a law of this state, or a law of another state substantially corresponding to a law of this state: (C) Any combination of 2 convictions within 7 years or three within 10 years. In lay terms that you can understand this means that if you are convicted of two DUI within a 7 year period, or three within 10 yrs, your Michigan Driving privileges will be revoked indefinitely. If you fall into the catagory of two within 7 years, after a period of one year you can apply to the state for restricted driving privleges. If you fall into the three within 10 year range, after five years you can apply for relief. Thousands of clients have hired Mt Pleasant, Michigan Lawyer Todd Levitt, to assist in their quest to regain their freedom. Robert Piziali, West Bloomfield attorney, says of Todd, “if you need heart surgery you hire a heart surgeon, if you need a drivers’ license you hire Central Michigan lawyer Todd Levitt” Michigan law requires that a person must prove by clear & convincing evidence that he/she is sober and likely to remain sober.
This is accomplished through written documents and testimony provided to an attorney who is an administrative hearing judge representing the states interest. More more information or representation contact Mt Pleasant, Michigan, Lawyer Todd Levitt at 989-772-6000.