Todd Levitt’s Top  Customer/Client  Service Requirements:

1     Return phone calls within a reasonable amount of time.

2.    Properly spell your client’s name/business/firm.

3.    Listen to customer/client /issues/complaints/suggestions.

4.    Always stand when client enters the room.

5.    Always keep eye contact.

6.    Never say you can or will do something if you can’t follow through.

7.    Do not promise anything you cannot deliver.

8.    Never sit down before your customer/client.

9.    Always thank your client for considering your services. Send a thank you card not email.

10.   Never walk out a door in front of your client/customer.

11.   Take the time to get to know your client.

12.   Always work as hard as you can for your client/customer.

13.   Keep your client updated on any and all developments with their case/purchase/delivery dates.

14.   Never overcharge your customer/client.

15    Do not text, email or take phone calls when meeting with a client/customer. 

The greatest way to generate new client/customers is with outstanding service. Take the time to meet the needs of your clients/customers and they will be your greatest source of marketing/advertising.

Mount Pleasant, Michigan Lawyer, Todd Levitt has been practing Criminal Defense for more than 18 years. Along the way he published a legal newspaper The Legal Advocator, launched a Skateboard Company SkateWar and produced a line of salad dressings. Todd can be heard Sunday mornings broadcasting The Todd L. Levitt Law Show from 9am -10am 98.5 WUPS. Todd teaches Marketing/Social Media in The College of Business at Central Michigan University and particpates in The Free Law Clinic at CMU. Todd is a member of the Isabella County Bar Association Executive Board and is a sought after public speaker available for engagments.

Todd Levitt can be reached at 989-772-6000  Twitter: @LevittLaw FB: Todd Levitt Central Michigan Lawyer.