cutieHave you or someone you know been involved in downloading music, movies, e-books, file sharing  or any copyrighted material? Have you received a letter, complaint or subpoena signed by a Federal  Judge to respond or appear to answer certain allegations? Then you need to contact Attorney Todd Levitt at 989-772-6000.  The above allegations are to be taken seriously. Failure to do so could have both legal and financial results that could be devastating.

Why did I receive a letter?

If you receive a letter from your satellite or cable provider this could mean that an investigation has been completed and a subpoena to identify your information has been received by the provider. A subpoena is a document signed by a Federal judge ordering your provider to release your information. The provider must disclose the information to the attorney representing the injured party. I suggest you read your provider’s privacy policy on what they can or cannot disclose regarding your account. YOU have a right to formally oppose disclosure in the Court by the objection deadline that you received from your provider with attached subpoena.

What is the Court Case about?

The Plaintiff/injured party has filed a lawsuit alleging that certain persons have infringed their copyrights by downloading and/or distributing the Copyrighted Work and has issued subpoenas to learn your identity and those involved. However, the plaintiff does not yet know your identity it only knows the Internet Protocol address (“IP address”) of the internet account associated with the alleged activity.

I am being charged with a crime?

This is a civil lawsuit, not a criminal investigation.

The best advice I can give you is to contact an attorney immediately such as myself who has handled these type of cases.

If you fail to follow instructions on both subpoena and attached letters your  provider will disclose your identity to the Court/Plaintiff which could result in a default against you together with large fines in the thousands.

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