cmuLawyerStudent Organizations at Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University offers almost 400 registered student organizations (RSO’s).

The Office of Student Activities and Involvement allows students to search for student organizations that interest them, and help students find organizations that fit their interests.

Examples of Student Organization’s include groups that focus on academic societies and particular “majors”. For example, those interested in Sports Management can  join the Sports Management Association, which is a RSO aimed to help with academics, and other types of extra curricular involvement. Other student organizations include club sports such as club baseball, or club dodgeball. There is an opportunity for every student to seek involvement with CMU’s student organizations. The Office of Student Activities and Involvement break down the categories of student organizations by the following:

Academic (73)
Alumni Associations (2)
CMU Departments & Offices (1)
Cultural (11)
Departmental (8)
Event Programming (4)
Honorary (10)
Media (7)
Multicultural (8)
Other (14)
Performing (9)
Political (8)
Professional (40)
Recreational (5)
Religious (17)
Residence Halls (20)
Service (24)
Special Interest (34)
Student Governance (2)

Create a Student Organization: 

If you search and don’t find a student organization that already accommodates your interest(s), CMU allows students to start their own RSO! In order to start your own student organization, a student must:

1) Find others that share the common interest. To start a student organization there must be three current CMU students involved.

2) Draft a constitution. (The Office of Student Activities and Involvement requires certain sections in RSO constitutions).

3) Find an advisor! Any CMU Faculty or Staff can serve as the Student Organization advisor.

Finally, time to register! Log into OrgSync from
Select the “Browse Organizations” under “Central Michigan University”
Select the “Register New Organization” in the upper left corner
Fill out the requested information
The President should check their email for an email from OrgSync to the Risk Management Form
Have the Advisor check their email for an email from OrgSync to complete the advisor approval form.


MainStage is an event that connects current students with the student organizations on campus. The event takes place in the beginning week of the first semester. This allows incoming freshmen, and various other CMU students to interact and meet with student organizations.

Why Join?

Joining a student organization allows you to network within your hobbies, future occupational field, or get involved with things that interest you. The opportunities attached with each student organization are unique, and can help students with their future endeavors.

Student Organizations are a great way to get involved on campus and in the community.


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