CMU Student Government Association Pro-Bono Legal Clinic in conjunction with Central Michigan Lawyer/Alumnis, Todd Levitt will begin offering free legal advice to CMU students once a week on campus. In order for a student to receive an appointment they must log onto  fill out the request form and a 30 minute meeting with lawyer Todd Levitt will be scheduled inside the Ethics Center, Anspach Hall room, 033.  

CMU Student Lawyer, Todd Levitt maintains a fully staffed Law Firm, located at 600 East Broadway, ste., 101 Mount Pleasant Michigan. Todd Levitt is always available to meet in his office and provide free legal consultation. To make an appointment call 989-772-6000.

Mount Pleasant Michigan Student Lawyer, Todd Levitt has beenn representing CMU students for more than 17 years. Todd Levitt also understands that parents live in some cases 2 to 6 hours away from Central and need someone like Todd who understands what they are going through as a family. Todd Levitt, also teaches as an Adjunct Professor in Central Michigan’s College of Business. Todd Levitt also serves as an academic advisor to a number of student organizations including the Delta Chi and Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. Todd Levitt is also known by many of the international students as someone who they can trust and who understands their culture.

The Todd L. Levitt Radio Show, can be heard each Sunday 98.5 WUPS from 9am – 10 am