Responsibilities of CMU Students

3.1.2 The University shall take disciplinary action in cases concerning a student’s actions or offenses occurring within or affecting people on property within the physical boundaries of Central Michigan University, on or affecting University owned or controlled property, or when the student is in attendance at a University sponsored event, or when the interests of the University as a community, are clearly involved. Only where the health and safety of members of this community, are clearly involved shall the special authority of the University be asserted in other cases.

Students subject to the provisions of this Code are defined as all persons who have enrolled at the University, either full-time or part-time, pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or non-degree studies. Persons who have been enrolled at the University, and who have not withdrawn, are students even when they are not enrolled for a particular term. Students also include persons who have been admitted to the University and who, before their first attendance, participate in activities intended only for prospective students (e.g., orientation, leadership, band, or other camp, athletic training and practices).

3.2.12 Controlled Substances. A student shall not possess, use, manufacture, produce, or distribute, or aid in the use, manufacture, production, or distribution of, any controlled substance except as expressly permitted by law and university policy. Violation of the Residence Life Alcohol and Controlled Substances Policy is a violation of this section. Controlled substances are defined in the Controlled Substances Act of 1971, as amended.

3.2.13 Violation of Alcohol Policy. A student shall not possess, consume or furnish, or aid in the consumption or furnishing of, alcoholic beverages except as permitted by law and University policy. Violation of the Residence Life Alcohol & Controlled Substances Policy is a violation of this section.

I would recommend each student and their parent/guardian read the entire student code of conduct.

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