Thursday, 1/14/16


With the ever increasing cost of college tuition, more and more students are finding themselves shackled by debt.

It seems as though the land of opportunity is only fruitful for those whose fruit have already ripened.

In Obama’s final state of the union, he addressed the issue of student debt. “We agree that real opportunity requires every American to get the education and training that they need to land a good paying job,” he said. Although, he has already asked for institutions of higher learning to lower the cost of tuition and for Congress to eradicate student loan interest increases, Obama is now working to ensure that every deserving student is rewarded with two, free years of community college.

Obama’s claim, “We have to make college affordable for every American,” is true. Not only is student debt shackling, but the cost of college tuition is stymieing a myriad of brilliant minds from developing into their full potential. What is even more disturbing is that the cost of college has quadrupled over the last four decades, in a time where a degree holds more weight than it ever has.

The call for a cut in tuition is not only necessary but it is crucial.  To ensure growth as a nation, sustaining a well educated and hard working population in a wide range of fields must be a priority. It seems that the only to ensure that is to lower the cost of college tuition to give everyone the opportunity grow.

-Seth Canner

Levitt Law Firm, Law Clerk 

Tyler Webb

Levitt Law Firm, Senior Law Clerk