Central Michigan University, Alumni, TODD LEVITT, has been representing CMU students, for more than 16 years.

CMU students often find themselves charged with misdemeanor crimes such as: MIP, Minor in Possession, Super BAC .17, DUI, Drunk Driving, Possession of Marijuana, Medical Marijuana issues, Delivery and Manufactuer of a control substance, Assault and Battery, Retail Fraud, Nuisance party, Attending a Nusiance party, Driving on a suspended License, Drivers’ Responsibility Fees, Landlord Tenant, Drivers License Restoration, and Student Violations of Code of Conduct.

It is common for students to attend CMU from all over the state and country. When faced with legal issues its’ diffcult for parents to know where to turn and who to hire in these situations. Having been raised in Oak Park, attended Central Michigan University, Todd knows what its like for parents who live far away to have anxiety concerning their kids well being. Todd also teaches in The School of Business Administration at CMU and has a good grip on student life and the challenges kids face with studies and their future. Todd, is considered by dozens of students as CMU’s lawyer when it comes to representing Central Michigan University students who are in trouble far from home. Todd also takes the time to meet and educate parents as to what the charges are and likely outcome once court proceeding begin.

If you are one of those parents who don’t know who or where to turn for legal representation for your kids, turn to Lawyer, TODD LEVITT.