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Is My Neighbor Trespassing? Easement Overview, Central Michigan, Northern Michigan, Jillian Sadler, Levitt Law Firm

November 15th, 2013|Jillian Sadler, Todd Levitt|

Basics of Easements in Michigan The below is a simplified outline of easements using hypothetical examples to illustrate points.  Because easements are interests in real property, they can theoretically last forever.   “Subject to all easements and covenants of record” are words found in almost every deed, but what [...]

Attorney Jillian Sadler joins Levitt Law Firm PC, Mount Pleasant, Michigan CMU, Alma College

November 7th, 2013|Jillian Sadler, Todd Levitt|

Jillian A. Sadler is an attorney with Todd Levitt, Levitt Law firm.  Though originally from the Upper Peninsula, she has spent most of the past decade in Mid-Michigan.  She received her juris doctorate from Michigan State University College of Law magna cum laude in May 2013.  While at the [...]

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