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Houghton Lake, Higgins Lake, Michigan DUI LAWYER, TODD L. LEVITT, 989-772-6000, Watercraft, Motor Vehicle

June 12th, 2018|DUI, Houghton lake, Ostego County Lawyer, Roscommon Dui|

If you or someone you know is charged in Houghton Lake, Higgins Lake or anywhere nearby, with a DUI involving a watercraft, ORV, snowmobile or motor vehicle contact Attorney, TODD L. LEVITT at 989-772-6000.

Roscommon County, Marijuana Possession, TODD LEVITT, Drug Lawyer

March 14th, 2016|possession of marijuana, Roscommon Dui|

UBLIC HEALTH CODE (EXCERPT) Act 368 of 1978333.7403 Knowingly or intentionally possessing controlled substance, controlled substance analogue, or prescription form; violations; penalties; discharge from lifetime probation. Sec. 7403. (1) A person shall not knowingly or intentionally possess a controlled substance, a controlled substance analogue, or a prescription form unless [...]

Gladwin County DUI LAWYER – Todd Levitt

January 20th, 2014|Drunk Driving, DUI, Roscommon Dui, Todd Levitt|

Attorney Todd Levitt has represented clients in Gladwin County for more than 20 years for Drinking & Driving, DUI, Possession of Marijuana and all other misdemeanors and felonies. For a free consultation call 989-772-6000

Houghton Lake, TODD LEVITT, Drunk Driving, DUI, Lawyer Roscommon County Michigan

January 15th, 2014|Houghton lake, Roscommon Dui, Todd Levitt|

  Michigan Drunk Driving Have you or someone you know recently been arrested for a misdemeanor Drunk Driving or Possession of Marijuana? ┬áThen you need to call Levitt Law Firm, Attorney Todd Levitt & Jillian Sadler at 989-772-6000. Levitt Law Firm has 2 offices conveniently located in Central & [...]

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