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What You Need To Know About Recreational Marijuana In Michigan

December 6th, 2018|Levitt Law Firm, Todd Levitt|

It is officially December 6th, meaning that marijuana is now officially legalized in Michigan. While this is exciting news, it’s important to not get carried away with celebrating!  Here are some things you should keep in mind if you will be participating in the recreational use of marijuana:   [...]


November 29th, 2018|Levitt Law Firm, Michigan Drivers License Restoration, Todd Levitt|

For more than 25 years Attorney, Todd L. Levitt, has restored thousands of restricted license to in state and out of state former residents who are currently denied an revoked.  Contact our office today at 989-772-6000

Northern Michigan Business, Attorney, Robert J. Piziali, LEVITT LAW FIRM PC,

November 29th, 2018|Levitt Law Firm|

If you own a small to medium size business and are in need of legal representation contact our office today at 989-772-6000 Attorney, Robert J. Piziali has represented business owners for more than two decades raging from franchise agreements, construction, zoning, leases, litigation and more. Contact our office today [...]

CMU Student Lawyer, TODD LEVITT

November 29th, 2018|76th District Court, CMU student Lawyer, Levitt Law Firm, Todd Levitt|

DUI, OWI, OWPD, IMPAIRED, RETAIL FRAUD, POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, POSSESSION OF NARCOTICS, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, LARCENY, DRUNK & DISORDERLY LEVITT LAW FIRM, MOUNT PLEASANT MICHIGAN 989-772-6000 Attorney Todd L.Levitt, & Associates have represented CMU students for more than 25 years. Todd, class of "88" understands the overall legal system in [...]

Otsego County ,Northern Michigan DUI Lawyer, TODD L. LEVITT, Levitt Law Firm

March 27th, 2018|87-A District Court, 87-B District Court Kalkaska, 87th District Court, Drunk Driving, DUI, Grayling, Levitt Law Firm, possession of marijuana, Todd Levitt|

Caught DRINKING & DRIVING or Possession of Marijuana passing though or hanging out in Gaylord, Otsego County, Grayling, Crawford County, & have to appear in the 87th District Court (A,B,C).  For more than 24 years Levitt Law Firm, and Associates have represented and defended constitutional rights of individuals like [...]

Upper Peninsula Lawyer, Possession of Marijuana Lawyer, TODD L. LEVITT, Levitt Law Firm

March 27th, 2018|Levitt Law Firm, Mackinac Island Lawyers, Medical Marijuana, possession of marijuana, Todd Levitt, Upper Peninsula Lawyer|

Levitt Law Firm, attorney, Todd L. Levitt, has specialized in defending the right of patients and caregivers under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Levitt, has fought for the end of prohibition and the removal of cannabis from schedule (1). If you or someone you know is charged with a [...]

Mackinac County,DUI, DRUGS, Criminal Defense, Upper Peninsula, LEVITT LAW FIRM, St. Ignace, Michigan

March 26th, 2018|Levitt Law Firm, Mackinac Island Lawyers, Saint Ignas Drunk Driving Lawyer, Upper Peninsula Lawyer|

If you or someone you know is charged with,Drunk Driving, DUI, SUPER DRUNK, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Controlled Substances, in Sault Ste Marie, 91st District Court, St. Ignace, 92nd District Court, Newberry, 92nd District Court, Munising, 93rd District Court, Manistique, 93rd District Court, or on Mackinac Island, contact [...]

Michigan, Marijuana, Cannabis, Facilities Licensing Seminar, Attorney Todd L. Levitt & Robert J. Piziali

February 3rd, 2017|Levitt Law Firm, Michigan Medical Marijuana, Michigan Medical Marijuana laws|

The country is witnessing a rapid growth in the cannabis industry. In recent years’ opinions towards cannabis have undergone a metamorphoses where states have passed legislation allowing for both medical and recreational use. For over two decades Michigan attorney’s, Todd L. Levitt, and Robert J. Piziali have specialized in [...]

Michigan Marijuana, Cannabis Lawyer, Todd L. Levitt, dispensaries, cultivation, edibles consultation

October 12th, 2016|Levitt Law Firm, Medical Marihuana, Medical Marijuana, Michigan Medical Marijuana, Michigan Medical Marijuana laws|

The State of Michigan is witnessing the rapid growth of the marijuana industry. In recent years, opinions towards marijuana have undergone a metamorphoses of sorts, so much so that the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana for those 21 and over almost made the November 2016 ballot. Nevertheless, [...]

NEW!! Michigan Marijuana Laws, Attorney Todd L. Levitt, Cannabis Lawyer

October 10th, 2016|Central Michigan Small Business Lawyers, Crawford County Lawyer, Levitt Law Firm, Medical Marihuana, Medical Marijuana, MMA|

October 10, 2016  MEDICAL MARIHUANA FACILITIES ACT AND MARIHUANA TRACKING ACT:  House Bill 4209 (passed by the House as H-5) Sponsor: Rep. Mike Callton, D.C. House Bill 4210 (passed by the House as H-2) Sponsor: Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons House Bill 4827 (passed by the House as H-1) Sponsor: [...]

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