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Attorney, TODD L. LEVITT, has represented students from across the State of Michigan for more than 24 years. If, you or someone you know is charged with a drug or alcohol crime on or off campus, contact our office today fr a free consultation, 989-772-6000

NEW!! Michigan Marijuana Laws, Attorney Todd L. Levitt, Cannabis Lawyer

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October 10, 2016  MEDICAL MARIHUANA FACILITIES ACT AND MARIHUANA TRACKING ACT:  House Bill 4209 (passed by the House as H-5) Sponsor: Rep. Mike Callton, D.C. House Bill 4210 (passed by the House as H-2) Sponsor: Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons House Bill 4827 (passed by the House as H-1) Sponsor: [...]

Crawford County, Michigan Cannabis Lawyer, Todd L. Levitt, Edibles, Cultivation and Dispensaries

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Marijuana Seminar!  Who: Attorney Todd L. Levitt, and Cannabis Legal Group What: Marijuana Seminar covering cultivation, licensing, new legislation and more. When: October 28, 2016 at 1:00 pm. Where: Comfort Inn, Mount Pleasant (2424 S Mission St, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858) Why: To acquire the knowledge and tools to [...]

Crawford County, Grayling, Todd Levitt, Drug Possession Lawyer

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UBLIC HEALTH CODE (EXCERPT) Act 368 of 1978 333.7403 Knowingly or intentionally possessing controlled substance, controlled substance analogue, or prescription form; violations; penalties; discharge from lifetime probation.Sec. 7403. (1) A person shall not knowingly or intentionally possess a controlled substance, a controlled substance analogue, or a prescription form unless [...]

Crawford County, Drunk Driving Lawyer, TODD LEVITT, DUI. Grayling

2019-03-08T01:50:53+00:00February 12th, 2016|Crawford County Lawyer, Drunk Driving, DUI|

  MICHIGAN VEHICLE CODE (EXCERPT) Act 300 of 1949257.625 Operating motor vehicle while intoxicated; “operating while intoxicated” defined; operating motor vehicle when visibly impaired; penalties for causing death or serious impairment of a body function; operation of motor vehicle by person less than 21 years of age; requirements; controlled [...]

87th District Court, Crawford County Michigan, LAWYER, TODD LEVITT, DUI, DRUNK DRIVING, Possession of Marijuana,

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Michigan Drunk Driving Offenses  Michigan, DUI Lawyer Todd L. Levitt Zero Tolerance– 1st   BAC: Any amount in persons under 21 years of   age   Maximum Jail: 0 Days   Maximum Fine: $250   Secretary of State will suspend license 90 day restricted license   Screening and Assessment [...]